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    I'd never thought of the tour being different with another guide, but I'm sure you're right. Our guide was a lovely lady and did her best to entertain my kids; I enjoyed the tour even with its overwhelming amount of Alcott trivia. "Whimsical and welcoming" sounds like you're on the right track. It's a beautiful place.

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    From the last line of the article;”The collapse of South Vietnam’s neighbor, Cambodia, soon followed. Southeast Asia entered the era of the “killing fields,” exterminating in a brief few years an estimated two million people — 30% of the Cambodian population.”And here it is 30 some years later and… who cares? A generation gets caught up in an adventure, and a generation later, no matter the extent of the carnage and devastation, the adventure fades to insignificance. That, to me, is the lesson of Vietnam.

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